Uncle Sam is he symbol for the American way of life and stands for dynamic, liberty, independency and individualism. We meet the laid-back hobby athlete, who appreciates a comfortable style and unique clothing to an affordable price.
Movement and exercise belongs to the daily routing, but is not the priority. Our mission is: Everything can happen, but nothing must happen! The joy connects us all.

Our goal is the combination of free time and sports, without missing the legendry articles from the 90ties. You will always find the classic articles like the legendary bodypants next to the newest trends. All products are designed in house and stand out through high quality and an unbeatable price.

Our motivation is reflected by the well-known Uncle Sam slogan „WEARever you go“. It does not matter where you are – in the office, at the gym, running in the park, at college, hanging out with your friends or chilling on the sofa, you are always perfectly dressed with Uncle Sam.

With Uncle Sam we like to procure an attitude of life, which does not know any boundaries, but matches the individual needs. We pick you up where you are right, support you to mobilise everything you need and accompany you on your way to your personal goal. 

Who, how, where, what, why?
Who was Uncle Sam? Why do we connect the brand to theUSA? For what does the 86 stand? Which work-out can you do at home? What are the newest smoothy ideas?

What is a bodypant and what ist he actual online shop process? Lots of questions about Uncle Sam, sports and lifestlyle.

In our Magazin, Tina and Paul try to answer all of them and offer tipps and tricks around the topic sports, healthy living and workout- videos. Weekly new and exciting issues and sportive articles. Stay tuned.

Have fun,
your Uncle Sam Team